Budget Procedures

  1. If your committee will need an increase in its budget, submit the request to the President or Treasurer. PTA approval must be obtained prior to making any expenditure which would exceed your committee’s budget.
  2. The PTA President must sign ALL contracts which will need to be emailed for approval (rcepta01@gmail.com).
  3. The Treasurer cannot make a payment for a contract signed by anyone other than the PTA President.
  4. This year Texas PTA is requiring all district PTAs to acquire at least two quotes per vendor---be prepared to show these when submitting contracts to the PTA President via email.
  5. The PTA does NOT reimburse for sales tax---make sure to use the sales tax exemption form emailed to you; it is your responsibility to provide this to any vendors you are working with.
  6. PTA has a tax exempt Amazon account which can be utilized upon request.
  7. All expense reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days of the expense along w/a copy of your receipt.
  8. The PTA has moved to an electronic system which allows reimbursements to be expedited.  If you prefer a check this will have a 10-15 day turnaround time.
  9. Committee chairs are responsible for carefully managing the overall expense budget.  This year we have created an expense tracker (link below) which will help us keep track of expenses and reconciliation at the end of the year.
  10. Your expenditures may not exceed the budget amount even if you have secured sponsors for your event.  Sponsorships do not "increase" your budget; they are simply added to your profit.


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