2021-2022 Rummel Creek Elementary PTA

Family Underwriting Campaign


RCE’s Family Underwriting Campaign is the one donation opportunity where 100% of the funds received are used at RCE. Your contributions are tax-deductible. Under the new CARES Act, even individuals who do not itemize can deduct up to $300 from their annual gross income, and cash contribution limits have been raised for gifts to public charities. Contributions are more important than ever to help fund new initiatives during this challenging time. Due to the current situation, the district will not allow events such as Fall Festival to take place. Each year, the RCE Fall Festival raises roughly $45,000 and without that fundraiser we are really relying on the support of our friends and families to help RCE continue to meet the needs of our children and staff. Any amount makes a difference… our school has new needs. Funds will be used to purchase masks for students and faculty, remote learning software and additional cleaning supplies. Your contribution will help us ensure our children are highly protected and given the best learning environment even in a less than ideal circumstance. In addition, contributions fund the following staff positions and programs that are not funded by the district and would not be possible without you:

  • FIVE staff positions (one math interventionist, one reading interventionist, one math/reading interventionist, the assistant librarian, and traffic officer)
  • 2 field trips per grade
  • Teacher workshops/continuing education
  • Grade level plays
  • Hands on Science
  • Outdoor Learning Center
  • Science Fair
  • Technology upgrades and cultural programs

Our RCE children receive the highest quality education, so please help us make sure we can continue to support our wonderful teachers and special programs. Let’s continue the tradition of tremendous support for RCE to ready our kids and our school for success at the highest level!




Sponsorship Levels

Executive Platinum Plus $3000

Robinson Family


Platinum Plus $2500

Shuck Family


Platinum: $2000

Owczarek, Hatfield, and Vazquez Families


Gold: $1500 

Ottis and Zappe Families


Silver: $1000 

Lim, Braswell, Roe, Guerra, Hewitt, Liu Families


Bronze: $500 

Maya Jimenez, Yankowsky, Ludtke, Ghaffar, Nault, Guan, Nguyen, Smith, Kuiper, Maedgen, Carter, LeRoy Rottinghaus, Morgan, Li-Avina, McElroy, Jo, Lamb, Badru Odunaiya, McBrayer, Murphy, Stockwell, Ko, McDonald, Smith, Steinmetz, Queiroz, Dundar, Iturbe, Perrien, and Li-Avina Families


Friend of Rummel Creek: $400

Prewett, Ghattas, Huggins, Kendall, Markowski, Rizk, Hemmer, and Frysinger Families


Neighbor of Rummel Creek: $200


Supporter of Rummel Creek: Under $100


Family contributions will be listed on the RCE PTA website after the close of the Big Form Packet.

Company matching: Be sure to ask your employer if they match charitable contributions. You can indicate this on the Big Form. These funds also go 100% to RCE!

Questions or if you would prefer to pay by check, please contact Bincy Puthenmadathil at bincy617@gmail.com.








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